About Moonlight Theatre Company

Moonlight Theatre Company Inc is a not-for-profit theatre company, established to provide:

  • theatrical entertainment for Mount Alexander Shire audiences and beyond
  • opportunities for local actors, performers, designers, production and technical crew to utilise, demonstrate and share their creative talents
  • opportunities for emerging local talent to develop and practise their craft under the guidance of seasoned professionals
  • performance opportunities in surrounding regional theatres to expand the production experience for actors, crew and expand audience reach

As demonstrated by the success of existing recent and long standing `local theatre companies, Mount Alexander Shire audiences have a voracious appetite for quality live theatre. It is Moonlight Theatre Company’s desire to help meet this demand.

We aim to produce and present engaging works to the highest possible standards, utilising the abundant talent this region has to offer.  Moonlight Theatre Company aims to produce plays, productions and performances from “live” radio theatre, to comedies, to dramas to revival theatre.

Moreover, it is our aim to entertain.